Welded Steel Boilers

If you are interested in any of the below services please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Construction of Welded Steel Boilers

We are fully equipped to manufacture welded steel boilers from 7.25 inch to 15 inch gauge. Experienced coded welder as required to comply to UKCA and CE regulations. 

Boiler Design Documentation

We have the facilities to compile the required boiler design documentation for submission of design application as required by PE(S)R to then produce welded steel boilers. 

From the design calculations, drawing and ESR everything needed by the Approved Body to carry out their Appraisal. 


Due to the nature of boilers there will come a time when some repairs are needed whether its a new inner fire-box, new smoke-tubes or replacement of bosses.

We are capable of locomotive dismantle if required, boiler deconstruction of the affected area and replacement with all required paperwork to ensure compliance with the PSSR. We can work with other boiler inspection organisations or we can ensure the relevant inspections and paperwork are completed and provided.  

Non-destructive Testing 

Need to know if the welding of your boiler is to standard, unsure if the plate thickness is within acceptable limits after heavy scaling, we work closely with a local company providing NDT of the boiler for peace of mind of its integrity.

We are also able to remove the boiler from the chassis if required and even carry out any repairs if needed. 

Boiler Inspections

We have a competent inspector in our team with 10 years experience able to carry out the following inspections:-

- Hydrostatic test
- Cold examination
- Steam test

These can be carried out at our workshop or the inspection can come on-site.

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